Loch Lomond News - West highland Way

Scotland’s most well-known and loved walking path is the perfect place to visit if you want to see everything Scotland has to offer. You can hike and see the sights or enjoy a drink or two with friends at a West Highland Way pub.

But if you really want to take everything in why not stay at a West Highland Way hotel? At 96 miles long the West Highland Way crosses plenty of amazing places and there’s plenty to see, Loch Lomond offers tranquil views and greenery and you can even visit the neighbouring village of Ardlui.

If you’re already tempted to start your journey across the West Highland Way we don’t blame you, it’s certainly an amazing place! Let’s look at our top five reasons the West Highland Way is such an amazing place to visit.

West Highland Way Walking

It’s Challenging

If you’re aiming to walk across the entire West Highland Way then it’s quite the challenge and that isn’t a bad thing. Every year thousands of people walk the West Highland Way with friends and family and some even do it for charity.

The great thing about walking the West Highland Way is you can do it your way! You don’t have to rush through it or set up camp, there is some amazing West Highland Way accommodation available so you can enjoy your trip across the way in style.

West Highland Way Cottage

You Get A Real Feel For Scotland

There’s plenty of great places to visit in Scotland but the West Highland Way allows you to see and visit places many people wouldn’t normally think of going. It crosses villages and towns and you can find a host of amazing places to visit.

The Loch Lomond and The Trossachs National Park is easily a place you could spend weeks exploring and it will give a deeper understanding and appreciation of Scotland’s history and culture. With so many amazing sights to see and places to explore a trip to the West Highland Way is sure to be an unforgettable experience.

Loch Lomond Accommodation

Amazing Accommodation

While there’s plenty of campsites and wild camping is also permitted along the West Highland Way you can enjoy your visit in a much more comfortable and glamorous way. There are some amazing West Highland Way hotels so you can avoid tents if you prefer more comfortable accommodation.

Even if you would rather camp you can still enjoy some great food or drink at a West Highland Way restaurant or pub. At The Drovers Inn, we have our very own on-site restaurant with an amazing menu full of traditional Scottish meals and pub classics. So, even if you’re camping you can still enjoy a hearty, traditional Scottish meal.

West Highland Way Cows

You Can Get Up Close To Scottish Wildlife

Scotland has some wondrous wildlife and a visit to the West Highland Way is your chance to see them in their natural splendour! Wild rabbits and goats, majestic deer and soaring eagles are just a small sample of some of the animals you might see. If you’re an animal lover then visiting the West Highland Way is a must! No matter where you decide to go along the way there’s a good chance you’ll see some amazing wildlife.

Loch Lomond Hogmanay

You’ll Be Sure To Make New Friends

Thousands of people tackle the West Highland Way every year and while many are aiming to cross the whole route, even if you’re simply spending time at a West Highland Way hotel and enjoying the sights you’ll be sure to make a new friend or two.

Whether you’re enjoying a drink and some fine food at a West Highland Way pub or tackling the walk yourself you’ll be sure to meet some new friends along the way. The West Highland Way might be a famous walking route but you can enjoy it in many ways so why not visit and do it your way?