Loch Lomond Valentines

Scotland has a long history of celebrating romance just look at the runaway wedding history of Gretna Green for one example and now it’s one of the world’s most popular wedding destinations.

Glasgow is even sometimes referred to as the city of love because it’s the resting place of St Valentine himself. But it’s Loch Lomond that is our choice for one the most romantic places in Scotland and it’s the perfect setting for an unforgettable Valentine’s Day! Let’s take a look at five great ways to spend Valentine’s Day there in more detail.

Jacuzzi Room Loch Lomond

A Visit To The Drovers Inn

Enjoying a romantic trip and a beautiful meal is a traditional way for people to celebrate Valentine’s Day but a stay at the Drovers Inn is a little different. The Drovers Inn isn’t a luxury hotel or a Michelin star restaurant but it doesn’t aim to be.

It’s a cosier, more intimate place with a strong and proudly displayed Scottish heritage. The onsite restaurant offers a wide range of traditional Scottish dishes and you’ll even see a few romantic specials available as well.

It’s romantic without being overpowering which is a very fine balance, if you want to celebrate your Valentine’s Day in a more cosy and unique way then a visit to the Drovers Inn is perfect for you. Plus there’s more to do than just enjoy a beautiful meal you could also take a relaxing dip in the Inns Jacuzzi room as well.

A stay at the Drovers Inn is sure to be unforgettable and it’s the perfect way to add some Scottish flavour to your Valentine’s Day celebrations. If you’re tempted to take a trip you’ll find the Drovers Inn at the top of Loch Lomond itself, just follow the A82 to Crianlarich.

Carrick Spa Loch Lomond

The Carrick Spa

A spa trip is a perfect way to celebrate Valentine’s Day and in Loch Lomond, you’ll find one of the finest spas in Scotland.

If you want to add some luxury to your visit to Loch Lomond then this award-winning spa is the place to be! The highlight of the spa has got to be the rooftop infinity pool which will give you wondrous views of the Scottish mountains.

There’s also an onsite golf course, aromatherapy steam room, an infrared sauna and even special couples treatment rooms because we know you’ll want to spend as much time together as possible on this special day.


Falls of Falloch Drovers Inn

A Romantic Walk Around The Loch

Walking or hiking around Loch Lomond is something that can be done all year round and enjoyed and Valentine’s Day is no different, but you’ll understandably want to make it extra special! Thankfully with many great places to visit a romantic day exploring the natural wonders of Loch Lomond is something any couple will enjoy.

The Trossachs National Park, which is found in the north of Loch Lomond is a beautiful place to visit and a highlight of any trip. The nearby village of Balmaha is a popular picnic spot for couples as well so it’s worth visiting and one other undeniably romantic place to visit is the Falls of Falloch.

You can get to the falls by travelling through the Trossachs National Park and they are truly a sight to see! Stretching to 30ft in height and surrounded by natural Scottish beauty they are truly beautiful and there’s a nearby picnic spot so you can enjoy the views while you eat.

We’ve only really touched upon the many great places you could visit around Loch Lomond, although the Falls of Falloch is a must see in my opinion but wherever you decide to visit you’re sure to have a special day.

Valentines Cruise Loch Lomond

A Speed Boat Cruise

This might not be the luxury cruise many people think of but you can’t deny the thought of speeding across Loch Lomond is undeniably cool and adventurous. It’s a quirky and more unusual way to celebrate Valentine’s Day but also one that is sure to be a lot of fun.

You can hire a speedboat or take part in a romantic cruise around the loch in a number of places. It’s romantic and thrilling and will give you a chance to explore the beauty of Loch Lomond in a whole new way!


Loch Lomond Sea Plane

A Sea Plane Tour

Another exciting and romantic way to celebrate Valentine’s Day and see Loch Lomond like never before is to take a seaplane tour of the loch! You’ll find an amazing array of seaplane tours available from short speedy journeys, to champagne trips and even one that will take you for lunch at the Venachar Lochside restaurant!

The Loch Lomond seaplanes take off from just outside Cameron House and you’ll be able to explore 170 miles of beautiful Scottish nature! It’s an unforgettable way to celebrate Valentine’s Day and you are sure of a truly unforgettable experience.